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HDPE Injection Grade Trash Carts
HDPE natural bottles
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LDPE film
PP regrind

Please click on the above link to watch the video of this new machine that can be modified for small, medium and large generators of scrap plastics. Has a very small footprint of 4.5′ X 16′. Can be leased or owned.

It solves many issues for companies to recycle 10K lbs/week or 1 T/L per month. Rather than baling and paying freight to a processor, they can process on site and sell the regrind or we will pay for the off-take. Pricing is based on the customized needs of each particular generator. For example, if an auto feed system is needed, hot wash versus cold wash, a larger hopper feed design for larger pieces of scrap. A maintenance agreement is available along with assembly, commissioning and training.